About OCW2023

Obesity Care Week (OCW) is an annual public awareness event aiming to change how we care for and about obesity. This year, OCW hosted its 9th annual week-long event, which was supported by over 130 Champion organizations and leaders across the globe. OCW2023 prioritized awareness, education and advocacy for people living with obesity.

The goals of OCW2023 were to raise awareness about what the disease of obesity is – and isn’t, provide valuable, science-based resources on weight and health, and create a more positive and impactful relationship between a patient and their healthcare provider. OCW2023 participants had access to newly released educational materials, including a fact sheet breaking down the complexities of the disease of obesity and a guide for patients to start the conversation with their healthcare provider about obesity and care options. Participants also had the chance to take meaningful action for themselves by utilizing the Obesity Care Providers Locators to make an appointment with a qualified healthcare professional.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this powerful cause, and we look forward to making OCW2024 even more impactful!

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