Thanks for Taking ACTION during OCW2022!

Saturday 3/5 – “I Care” Day

Thank you to everyone who participated in Obesity Care Week 2022 and helped change the way we care about obesity through education, advocacy and awareness! Today, we recognize all those who care about the disease of obesity through “I Care” day. OCW would not be possible with the support of our amazing Champions and Partners, and most importantly, YOU! We THANK ALL OF YOU for your dedication to this important movement!

Friday 3/4 – Expand Access to Care

Obesity is a life-long disease that requires life-long healthcare options at all stages of a person’s journey to health. While there are evidence-based treatments for people with obesity that improve health outcomes, obesity care coverage remains piecemeal and has many hurdles for patients to receive necessary care.

Video: Treat and Reduce Obesity Act

A discussion about the hurdles and opportunities of expanding access to care through TROA.
Featuring: U.S. Senator Dr. Bill Cassidy, MD; U.S. Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz, MD
Moderator: Joe Nadglowski (Obesity Action Coalition)

Thursday 3/3 – Increase Prevention Education and Programs

Now is the Time to Care for YOU!
Prevention requires seeking, testing, and implementing strategies that will have a measurable impact on the rising prevalence of obesity. Obesity prevention programs must have the same scientific rigor applied to any other disease prevention program resulting in a positive effect on the health of the population.

Wednesday 3/2 – Now is the Time to Stop Weight Bias!

Individuals with obesity face weight bias in all areas of life including school, healthcare practices, the workplace, and even among family and friends. Bias has a greater impact on people of color and people with intellectual disabilities.

Video: Weight Bias

Weight Bias: An in-depth look at the impact of bias and how to combat it.
Featuring: Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA (ConscienHealth); Rebecca Puhl, PhD
Moderator: James Zervios (Obesity Action Coalition)

Tuesday 3/1 – Find a Physician Who Specializes in the Treatment of Obesity

Obesity management is about health, not the number on the scale; it should be science-based, realistic, and provide results. The treatment of obesity is not as simple as “eat less and move more” but rather requires a combination of science-based treatment options based on the individual

Video: Obesity Treatment

Today we are discussing obesity treatment: Where are we today? What does the future look like?

Featuring: Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA, MBA
Moderator: James Zervios, Obesity Action Coalition

Monday 2/28 – Recognize Obesity as a Serious and Complex Disease

Obesity is a complex, chronic disease affecting more than 2 billion people globally. Despite extensive research and studies, stigma and misperceptions continue to shape the way people with obesity are treated medically and generally in society.

Video: Roundtable Discussion on Obesity

An insightful discussion with leaders from the premier obesity organizations throughout the U.S.
Moderator: Joe Nadglowski, (Obesity Action Coalition)
Featuring: Daniel Bessesen, MD (The Obesity Society); William Dietz, MD, PhD (STOP Obesity Alliance); Teresa LaMasters, MD, FACS, DABOM, FASMBS (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery); Ethan Lazarus, MD, FOMA (Obesity Medicine Association); Patty Nece, JD. (Obesity Action Coalition)