National Obesity Care Week's Mission

National Obesity Care Week (NOCW) aims to change the way we care about obesity by:

  • Providing science and clinically-based education on obesity
  • Advocating for access to affordable and comprehensive care

Founded in 2015, NOCW envisions a society that understands, respects and accepts the complexities of obesity and values science and clinically-based care. NOCW believes that:

  • Individuals with obesity must no longer be the target of weight bias in all of life’s settings, such as healthcare, employment, entertainment, and education.
  • Individuals with obesity need to understand that this disease is not solely their responsibility and work with a healthcare provider to manage their obesity long-term.
  • Like individuals with other chronic diseases, individuals with obesity must have access to and coverage of science and clinically-based treatment to improve their weight and health.
  • Healthcare providers need to be trained to provide effective, compassionate science and clinically-based care and use of shared decision-making.
  • Providers and policy makers must recognize the need for further investment in the education, prevention and treatment of the disease of obesity.

Why Obesity?

Today, the disease of obesity affects more than 93 million Americans, and more than 33 percent of Americans are affected by excess weight. National Obesity Care Week brings the topic of obesity in the forefront and helps individuals with obesity get access to science and clinically-based treatments.


Number of Americans affected by obesity

$427 Billion

Estimated cost of annual obesity-related healthcare


Number of diseases and disorders linked to obesity.

Nearly 50%

Estimated percentage of older adults affected by obesity in 2030 if no change is made today.

NOCW Champions

Since 2015, organizations have joined together as NOCW Champions to Change the Way We Care about the Disease of Obesity by creating a society that understands, respects and accepts the complexities of obesity and values science-based care.

NOCW Partners