Obesity is a complex, chronic disease affecting more than 2 billion people around the world.


Number of diseases and disorders linked to obesity

Nearly 50%

Estimated percentage of older adults affected by obesity in 2030 if no change is made today


of children and adolescents are affected by obesity

Through the “I Care” Campaign, Obesity Care Week wants to bring light to the different reasons why we care about obesity. We want to change the way society cares about obesity and we need your help! You can join us in this effort by raising awareness and sharing with us why you care about obesity.

Here’s How You Can Take Part in this Campaign:

  1. Use your phone, camera, computer, tablet or any device that you can use to record yourself.
  2. Record a 10-15 second video sharing why you care about obesity (you can record it yourself or ask someone to record you!)
  3. Share your video with us using the below form and attaching your video!


Not Sure What to Say? Here Are Some Ideas to Get You Started:

Record a 10-15 second video in any language of your preference sharing why obesity is important to you and why others should care too! For example:
“I care because obesity is a complex disease affecting millions of people globally.”
“I care because I am affected by obesity.”
“I care because I know someone who is affected by obesity.”
“I care because I love someone who is affected by obesity.”
“I care because people with obesity should be treated with dignity and respect.”