Obesity Treatment

Making the decision to address your weight is an important first step toward making a change. Many face an even tougher decision deciding which method they will choose in order to lose weight. You may hear people talk about choosing a “treatment” for their obesity. This simply means deciding which weight-loss method is right for you.

Obesity is a life-long disease needing comprehensive life-long care. There are healthcare providers who specialize in the treatment of obesity, obesity medicine specialists, that can provide patients with the tools and resources for long term success. Treatment for obesity must be science-based and include a range of options for patients.

It is crucial that we also focus on obesity prevention. Preventing obesity in children by promoting a healthy lifestyle and talking to your child’s healthcare provider can lower their chances of developing adult obesity. It is also important to maintain a healthy weight after weight-loss by talking your healthcare provider, eating healthy and developing an exercise routine.

Obesity Treatment and Prevention Resources: